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Acne Treatment Reviews: News & Research: Benzoyl Peroxide

Acne Treatment Reviews: News & Research

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Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is an organic compound found in the peroxide family. It is approved by the US FDA and has been used for years as a consistent and effective way to control acne and clean sebum filled, clogged pores. In 2004, a UK study published in The Lancet indicated that benzoyl peroxide is as effective as antibiotics in controlling acne, without resulting in acne bacteria resistance. Unlike antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide does not cause bacterial resistance during the acne treatment process. This means that benzoyl peroxide can continue to effectively reduce the existence of pimples for longer periods of time. Those of you who worry about its cost can rest assured knowing that benzoyl peroxide is also more cost effective than antibiotic treatments prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist.

However, there are a few drawbacks to using benzoyl peroxide as a primary acne treatment. When used without additional skin soothing facial products, benzoyl peroxide may lead to dryness and redness, and it may cause bleaching when it comes into contact with clothing. The dryness and redness do not occur in all people and are often induced when benzoyl peroxide is used in combination with other drugs and acne treatments. This is why it's important to look at all of the ingredients found in acne treatment products. The best acne treatments, such as those created by Exposed, take into consideration the combined needs of your skin and use ingredients that fight oily hair follicles and bacteria buildup without stripping the skin cells of their vital moisture. The formulas produced by Exposed include hydrating ingredients as well as natural extracts shown to discourage redness and prevent future acne scars. Soothing ingredients can include green tea extract, passion flower and aloe vera, which are present in some acne treatment formulas.

Special types of benzoyl peroxide are meant to reduce redness without decreasing the effectiveness of the acne treatment product. One example includes the polypore benzoyl peroxide, a form of peroxide that works as well as benzoyl peroxide acne treatment found in concentrations of 10%.

To reduce the risk of dryness and redness, it's also important to take into consideration the concentration of benzoyl peroxide found in an acne treatment product. For example, a product that includes 10% benzoyl peroxide may result in more redness than one that only contains 2.5%. Click here for the full report.

The Exposed Skin Care's Acne Treatment Serum uses 2.5% polypore benzoyl peroxide and can achieve the results of a maximum strength formula while minimizing any potential redness or dryness. It can also be used with the Exposed Moisture Complex to reduce inflammation and promote cell renewal and healthy skin.

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Exposed Acne Treatment

Exposed Skincare

A powerful yet gentle acne treatment with potent scientific actives & soothing natural extracts.

Special 1-Year
Risk-Free Offer

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Murad Acne Treatment


A good system for mild acne containing salicylic acid and sulfur.

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Rodan & Fields Acne Treatment

Rodan & Fields

An expensive but well made acne treatment medicine with Benzoyl Peroxide and Sulfur.

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